Mar 282017

cattle dog-training-brewery-districtMaya was so much fun to work with! When I first walked into Maya’s apartment, I was greeted by an excited, mouthy cattle dog.  She reminded me of a recent client I’d worked with in the area. (Turns out they were litter mates!)

Maya had some issues with biting and resource guarding.   We also worked on sending her to her crate on command and signing her up at doggie daycare to get out some of that energy!  This is what Mays’s mom, Emma, had to say about the experience.

“Megan helped us with our 4 month old Cattle dog – we learned so much as first time dog owners and highly recommend her! Super organized and knowledgeable and we can already see the techniques working!”

I’m so impressed with the results I saw in just a few short weeks. So being first time dog owners, they picked up on everything quickly and accepted the positive training philosophy eagerly!

Emma A
Brewery District, Columbus