Jul 232015

Dog Training near Dublin Ohio,Having a “pretty good puppy” put me in a pickle. Pay for a series of puppy classes where my dog already could do “most” of what was taught? Instead Megan came to us every 7-10 days to help us with our goals in our home. Leaving how-to’s and homework each time, you get out of it what you like.

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What a difference it made!! Thank you!!

Kris F.
5/5 Stars December 10, 2014
Dublin, Ohio.


Follow Up From Megan:

Bear was such a joy to work with! So much energy and such a willingness to learn. Aussies are notoriously energetic, but she learned to channel it into training. She quickly picked up on obedience commands and fetch games and was even able to learn a few tricks. We had a lot of fun with the clicker. I enjoyed having her come to WagFest as one of my “demo” dogs; she looked so cute in her “Pin Up Pup Training” bandana!