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I’m so impressed with the results I saw…

cattle dog-training-brewery-district

Maya was so much fun to work with! When I first walked into Maya’s apartment, I was greeted by an excited, mouthy cattle dog.  She reminded me of a recent client I’d worked with in the area. (Turns out they were litter mates!)

Maya had some issues with biting and resource guarding.   We also worked on sending her to her crate on command and signing her up at doggie daycare to get out some of that energy!  This is what Mays’s mom, Emma, had to say about the experience.

“Megan helped us with our 4 month old Cattle dog – we learned so much as first time dog owners and highly recommend her! Super organized and knowledgeable and we can already see the techniques working!”

I’m so impressed with the results I saw in just a few short weeks. So being first time dog owners, they picked up on everything quickly and accepted the positive training philosophy eagerly!

Emma A
Brewery District, Columbus

She seemed to have a solution for his most annoying habits!

lab-training-German Village

The Poll family had just introduced a new (human) to the family when they first contacted me!  Britney was having trouble controlling her two rambunctious dogs on lead and at the door.  We worked on basic obedience cues and spent extra time on leash walking and door greeting manners. Here’s what Britney had to say:

“Megan was amazing and very helpful when it came to training our wild 1.5yr old lab. She’s super friendly and her positive training is exactly what we needed. She seemed to have a solution for his most annoying habits and she is very flexible !!”

I had so much fun getting to know the family and look forward to seeing them out and about over near me in German Village!

Britney P, German Village, Columbus

She is like the female “dog whisperer!”

bonnie-clyde-golden-retriever-puppy-training Serving Raleigh, Durham, Cary & Chapel Hill, NC

When I first arrived at Julie’s home, I was greeted by two adorable and rambunctious pups! I had to fight the urge to roll around on the floor and play with them the whole time!
Julie was feeling overwhelmed, as any new puppy parent would be! (Much less when you get littermates!) Here’s what Julie had to say:

“Megan was great and i would highly recommend her for any age dog to correct any kind of doggy issues. She had such a calming effect on our puppy golden siblings, Bonnie and Clyde. Very flexible with scheduling and so awesome that she comes to your house. She is like the female “dog whisperer!””

I had so much fun working with them on basic cues. Leash walking was especially challenging and exciting! I look forward to continuing to receive updates from the family!

Julie R,
5/5 Stars

She’s great with both dogs and people.

Jennifer Taylor Partridge DVM

In 15 years as a house call veterinarian, I have met many terrific dogs whose unresolved behavior problems have caused stress, sadness, and even injury to their families. That’s why I’m so glad Megan has started Pin Up Pup Training. One of my clients told me about Megan after she helped his family with their two rambunctious puppies.

They love her because she uses positive reinforcement training techniques, because the dog training sessions were conveniently scheduled in their home, and because they got results. I was very impressed when I met Megan and her dog, Gambit, who is among my all-time favorite patients. Of course, he is extremely well behaved! You can tell as soon as you meet Megan that she loves what she does. She’s great with both dogs and people. She has a lot of knowledge about behavior, and also about the medical problems that sometimes underlie behavioral issues. I refer to Megan often. I know I can count on her to help my clients help their dogs live their best possible lives. I recommend Megan and Pin Up Pup Training without reservation.

Jennifer Taylor Partridge, DVM
HouseCalls for Dogs & Cats

I liked Megan right away!


Sparky has such a happy-go-lucky demeanor about him (as most Golden Retrievers do!) I was always happy to spend time with him and his family. We worked on greeting visitors nicely and coming when called. He also had some counter surfing issues.

“We actually were having a hard time enjoying our sweet golden retriever pup! He was just so wild and full of energy! A friend recommended Megan and we set up sessions immediately. Convenience is key for me- so I was thrilled that she comes right to your house. I liked Megan right away! She has a calm demeanor that works perfectly with dogs. Her training plan is customized to suit your needs. No cookie cutter approach here! She taught ME how to teach my pup the skills he needs to fit in with our family. He caught on quickly and now we have a well behaved dog! Thank you so much Megan!”

We were able to successfully transfer him off of a choke chain and onto using a regular flat collar and leash in one session. I enjoyed my weekly trips to Grove City and look forward to working with Sparky again soon.

Grove City

Megan did a fantastic job with our Great Dane pup!

great dane puppy training

My first time meeting Kai he was all over the place. He was behaving like a typical puppy: jumping up, prancing all around and just a bit over zealous in general. Being a Great Dane, this could end up being a bit of a problem later in life. After working with them for six sessions, this is what Kai’s parents had to say.

She is patient in her approach and is always ready to address random questions/issues.

The “homework” she assigned kept me honest and went a long way to reinforce the desired behaviors between sessions.

It’s obvious that she is very knowledgeable on animal behavior in general and does a great job of translating that knowledge into exercises you can practice with your pup to elicit the proper behaviors. Done consistently, these exercises not only train your pup to behave a certain way but, more importantly, the positive reinforcement conditions them to WANT to behave that way.

Before Megan, I was envisioning a reality of constantly having to “control” my behemoth. With her help, I don’t have to rely on brute strength; he’s turning into quite the gentleman.

Megan was a great find.

Thanks Megan!

I highly recommend contacting Megan

Boxer Puppy Training German Village

Sophie was a typical boxer pup, lots of energy and all paws! I had so much fun working with these first time pet owners. It was amazing watching them bond and learn the joys of owning a dog! We worked on basic Puppy commands and potty training. After six weeks of training, this is what Sophie’s owners had to say

Megan was a great help with my first dog. I was clueless about training, and she made very clear plans that helped my boxer pup improve her behavior in just a few lessons! If you are in the Columbus area and need dog training, I highly recommend contacting Megan.


Sophie lives close to me in German Village and I often see her around the park. She’s always so happy to be out and has impeccable manners, if I do say so myself!

Frankie is so much better now…

Puppy Training Columbus

Frankie was one of the cutest Greyhound mixes I have ever seen, however, she was destructive! Almost every day, Eryn came home to find something else destroyed. I worked with Frankie extensively on confidence building activities and crate training. We also worked on teaching her a “place” command so that we could send her away from the table when eating dinner.

After six lessons, this is what Frankie’s mom, Eryn had to say:

“I got my pup, Frankie, when she was 6 months old and she had already developed a number of bad habits that I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to break. I chose Megan as a trainer because of her previous reviews and her positive reinforcement techniques. She did not disappoint! Frankie is so much better now and I’ve been able to continue using lessons I learned from Megan. I moved to Texas shortly after Frankie’s lessons, and Megan is kind enough to still check in to see how the pup and I are doing. I continue to use Megan as a resource when I need advice for Frankie. Overall it has been a great experience and well worth the money!”

Eryn & Frankie
Columbus, OH.

We’ll miss having Eryn and Frankie here in Columbus but she left Ohio a new dog! Eryn gives excellent reports of Frankie’s behavior every time I check in.

Way to go, Frankie!


She Helped My Boxer Pup Improve Her Behavior

boxer puppy training columbus

When I first met Daniel and his boxer pup, Sophie, I knew we would get along famously. She was a bit shy but warmed up quickly. Sophie, like a typical boxer, had some issues with jumping on guests. She also struggled with coming when called. After six lessons, this is what Daniel had to say.

“Megan was a great help with my first dog. I was clueless about training, and she made very clear plans that helped my boxer pup improve her behavior in just a few lessons! If you are in the Columbus area and need dog training, I highly recommend contacting Megan.”

If you see Daniel and Sophie out in the German Village area of Columbus, tell them “Hi” from Megan at Pin Up Pup Training!




Daniel P.

Columbus, Ohio

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