She Was Amazing

AKC Canine Good Citizen Training Columbus OH

Megan is my real life Victoria Stilwell (Its me or the dog on animal planet). I have been to many dog classes since the 60’s, and have learned how to do all the basics. But after being with Megan she has shown me a different way to train. Her calm patient way, her ability to teach you to change a behavior before the dog even knows it. She was amazing when she ran her puppy play time. She can socialize any dog, tiny yorkies, terrified beagles, energetic doberman mix, and sassy shihtzu’s!

(5/5 stars) Laura K.
Washington, MO.

Follow Up From Megan:

Kia and I spent quite a bit of time together! I worked with her over the course of 18 weeks of training. When I met Kia, she was a bouncing, excited mutt! As we made our way through puppy class and on to intermediate obedience, I noticed such a change in Kia. She grew into such a beautiful dog and learned so much. After intermediate class, we thought she’d be great as a Canine Good Citizen! She quickly worked her way through that course and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen exam with flying colors.

Last modified on March 3rd, 2020

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