She looked deeper into the problems!

Doberman Training Plain City, Ohio

Sometimes I meet a family and there’s an immediate connection. The deep devotion they showed towards their rescued Doberman was humbling.  The drive was slightly longer than I normally traveled but so rewarding.  We worked with Harley on coming when called, leash walking and basic commands.  Harley also had issues with counter surfing.  Here’s what they had to say after training

We are located out in the country and Megan didn’t hesitate to make the long commute.  Through her experience and techniques we were able to get our dog to learn the five basic commands. She listened to all our questions and concerns and always had the right solution.  It was never “just do this”, she looked deeper into the problems and was able to identify whether the problem was us or the (Doberman) dog.  During the entire six weeks of training our dog never once feared Megan.  She was always professional and has formed a lifelong bond with our dog.  I highly recommend Megan!!!


Jeff D.

Plain City, Ohio

The family later went on to rescue two more Dobermans and I now think of them as their own Doberman ranch!  I had so much fun getting to know them and Harley and can’t wait to see updates regarding the new additions.

Last modified on December 18th, 2019

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