Frankie is so much better now…

Puppy Training Columbus

Frankie was one of the cutest Greyhound mixes I have ever seen, however, she was destructive! Almost every day, Eryn came home to find something else destroyed. I worked with Frankie extensively on confidence building activities and crate training. We also worked on teaching her a “place” command so that we could send her away from the table when eating dinner.

After six lessons, this is what Frankie’s mom, Eryn had to say:

“I got my pup, Frankie, when she was 6 months old and she had already developed a number of bad habits that I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to break. I chose Megan as a trainer because of her previous reviews and her positive reinforcement techniques. She did not disappoint! Frankie is so much better now and I’ve been able to continue using lessons I learned from Megan. I moved to Texas shortly after Frankie’s lessons, and Megan is kind enough to still check in to see how the pup and I are doing. I continue to use Megan as a resource when I need advice for Frankie. Overall it has been a great experience and well worth the money!”

Eryn & Frankie
Columbus, OH.

We’ll miss having Eryn and Frankie here in Columbus but she left Ohio a new dog! Eryn gives excellent reports of Frankie’s behavior every time I check in.

Way to go, Frankie!


Last modified on February 7th, 2017

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