Megan did a fantastic job with our Great Dane pup!

great dane puppy training

My first time meeting Kai he was all over the place. He was behaving like a typical puppy: jumping up, prancing all around and just a bit over zealous in general. Being a Great Dane, this could end up being a bit of a problem later in life. After working with them for six sessions, this is what Kai’s parents had to say.

She is patient in her approach and is always ready to address random questions/issues.

The “homework” she assigned kept me honest and went a long way to reinforce the desired behaviors between sessions.

It’s obvious that she is very knowledgeable on animal behavior in general and does a great job of translating that knowledge into exercises you can practice with your pup to elicit the proper behaviors. Done consistently, these exercises not only train your pup to behave a certain way but, more importantly, the positive reinforcement conditions them to WANT to behave that way.

Before Megan, I was envisioning a reality of constantly having to “control” my behemoth. With her help, I don’t have to rely on brute strength; he’s turning into quite the gentleman.

Megan was a great find.

Thanks Megan!

Last modified on February 28th, 2020

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