No Meltdowns!!!!!

Labrador Training Columbus Oh

I do want to share with you our stressful walk the other day….we went past a tree trimming truck. As we walked past the truck, a forklift came out. Freaked him out. Then we went around a corner and a semi was running. Then a dog came running out at him. His tail was down and he kept looking back at me. By the time we got home, his tail was up and wagging!! And no meltdowns!!!!!

Julie D.

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Followup from Megan:

Max was a very scared pup when we first met. He greeted me at the door with hackles raised and a bark that told me he was very afraid. I knew it was going to take some work to rehabilitate him, but as always, I was up to the challenge! After quite a bit of time working on counter conditioning and desensitization, we gradually saw improvement! Every week that I went back, his mom had a new success story for me! Julie spent so much time and energy on Max in between lessons and her patience was amazing. I was so happy to see the change in Max from a nervous dog to a healthy and self-confident lab.

Last modified on March 3rd, 2020

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