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Cal Corona

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • Professional Trainer

  • Working toward CPDT and IACP Certifications

My Story

My name is Cal and I am a rewards-based trainer! I help you develop a powerful relationship between you and your dog that is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and mutual enjoyment of life. Rather than "solving" problem behaviors by brute force, I prefer to make small changes that reduce conflict and prevent you from butting heads in the first place. 

I utilize rewards-based training and enjoy working most with high-drive, high-energy, and high-intensity dogs. I am specialized in working with service dogs, wild child house pets, wannabe working dogs, actual working dogs, and everything in between.

I began training dogs as a kid - encouraging my family's very tolerant Lab to navigate a makeshift agility course. But the real training began when I was a teenager and I was diagnosed with a debilitating condition that necessitated the use of a service dog. Now, 10 years and two service dogs later, I am helping others make the same journey I did.

Despite my years of experience training dogs, I am still on my own learning journey! I am constantly reading books on behavior and animal psychology, attending workshops and seminars, taking continuing education courses, and perfecting my training and handling skills through dog sports.

My Pack



Working Service Dog



Service Dog In Training


  • I specialize in service dog training, high-drive dogs, introductory sport training, distraction proofing, trick training, and basic behavior modification training. 

  • I offer private training, day training, virtual training, and limited board & train.

  • I am not taking cases involving aggression or moderate to severe separation anxiety.

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