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Image by Kevin Noble

Board & Train

Private boarding in the home of one of our trainers.

Board & train is the perfect solution for getting a jump-start on training, or for dogs who aren't suited to large scale boarding facilities. 

Availability is limited due to our small-scale quality-first approach to training.

Novel Environments

Whether your dog is staying at Kat's apartment or Cal's small farm, they will encounter a wide variety of new sights, sounds, and smells. This helps them understand that training can happen anywhere!

Individualized Attention

Each trainer takes on only one boarding client at a time, giving their full undivided attention. This quality-first approach enables accelerated learning.

Structure & Routine

We provide the structure and routine that dogs thrive on. This helps put a definitive stop to problem behaviors and allows your dog to "reset" - and learn new, more appropriate behaviors!

Lifetime Support System

Graduates of our Board & Train program have lifetime access to drop-in Train & Maintain sessions, as well as lifetime phone, text, and email support.

Immersive Learning

Every moment spent in our care is a potential learning moment for essential manners. Instead of artificially structured training sessions, dogs learn life skills organically in real-life scenarios.

Convenient Clean Slate

Board & Train can give you a much needed break from dealing with problem behaviors or puppy blues. At the end of training you can look forward to a fresh start with the necessary skills to stay successful!

Pricing & Availability

Please reach out to us to find out more about Board & Train availability and pricing!

Currently we are not accepting Board & Train clients with severe resource guarding or confinement anxiety,
dog or human aggression, or those that have a bite history.

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