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Katherine Pritchard

  • AKC Approved Evaluator

  • Professional Trainer

  • Working towards IACP - CDT Certification

My Story

I am passionate about helping you and your dog create a seamless lifestyle together- whether that involves confidence building, manners, or management.  Training is the best way to build your relationship with your dog and learn how to communicate with them.  I use rewards-based training to help you and your dog navigate the world as an effective team while having fun.

Often our dogs can also be our greatest teachers. My own dog, Juno, was found dumped at three months old. She is a hyper-social, frustration-reactive, and highly anxious pup who also struggles with severe separation anxiety. We have done a lot of confidence-building and engagement training with her. Juno is currently working on her separation anxiety, and learning how to be more neutral to her environment. 


Working with Juno sparked my passion for working with other hypersocial, frustration-reactive, or highly anxious pups who need help handling their big feelings about the world! She has also been a big part of my motivation to keep learning as much as possible. I am working on an IACP certification, and regularly reading books on animal behavior, attending workshops, webinars, and seminars, and generally doing my best to stay as educated as I can!

I currently specialize in separation anxiety and thriving throughout puppyhood and adolescence. I also work in manners, obedience, confidence building, mild to moderate reactivity, and trick training. 

My Pack



Professional Drama Queen


Kiki & Freyja

Backup Singers


I specialize in working with puppies, anxious & fearful dogs, and dogs with separation anxiety.

I currently offer private training, virtual training, & drop-ins.

My day training schedule is full - reach out to get on my waitlist.

I am not currently taking aggression cases.

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