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Raleigh Durham’s Premier Positive Dog Training

We are an up and coming local dog training business serving the Columbus and surrounding Metro area. We only employ positive reinforcement training methods for our clients.

All ages and breeds are welcome! We use a variety of techniques to train your pet: Creative Problem Solving, Fear/Aggression Therapy, Behavior Modification, Basic Obedience, Positive Reinforcement, Clicker Training, and everything in between!

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AKC Canine Good Citizen Certified, Private in home training lessons are available by appointment.  Contact Pinup Pup to make an appointment today!

Practical real ­world training in real world settings. One on One time with a professional dog trainer in your own home. Work on problem behaviors that you see every day, without the distractions of other dogs and pet owners during a group class.

Typical basic commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Walk Nicely on a Loose Leash, Leave It

Good Manners: No Jumping, No (unnecessary) Barking, No Biting, Potty Training

I also really enjoy creative problem solving for any other unwanted behaviors.

Incredibly flexible, I make sure the scheduling is convenient for you, and your family. I am a strong advocate of strictly positive reinforcement training. Force free training strengthens the bond between you and your pet and has revolutionized the dog training world in recent years. I think of it as opening up a line of communication between you and your dog. How many times have you wanted to sit down and have a chat with your pet, even for five minutes?

Why not give your brand new dog a head start at life?

Why not get that rambunctious dog under control?

Or even help your anxious dog be more confident?

Learn obedience commands you and your pet can rely on. Or just finally get those last few problem behaviors under control.

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