Megan Has Done an Excellent Job Working With My Dog

miniature schnauzer training Columbus OH

Pinup Pup Training is a company truly worthy of recognition and the highest praise. Megan has done an excellent job working with my dog, a miniature schnauzer, during our training sessions. I very much like the fact that she uses only positive reinforcement – my dog and I actually have fun during our training sessions! I can tell that he enjoys it much more than my previous (poorly thought out) strategy of getting upset with him when he didn’t do what I wanted. If anything, Megan has helped to train me how to approach dogs as much as she has trained Geoffrey to follow any given command.

On a professional level, Megan has been nothing but extraordinarily communicative, punctual, and flexible. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her, and I feel that the quality of training far surpasses the very reasonable prices that she charges.

If you are thinking to yourself, “maybe my dog needs training,” Pinup Pup Training comes with the highest endorsement I can give.

(5/5 stars) Chris G.

Followup From Megan:

Meeting Geoffrey’s parents was so refreshing! They asked great questions and seemed genuinely interested in the rules of positive reinforcement training. It was easy to fall in love with Geoffrey’s sassy and stubborn personality! He’s such a smart miniature schnauzer and every week I saw improvement. Geoffrey seemed to genuinely love training and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him think and learn. Schnauzers are so much fun!

Last modified on February 28th, 2020

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